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**Virtual Landscape Assemblage Project**

Click here to get transferred to my site.  I basically created a landscape where I incorporated things I enjoy…like soccer, music (2 of the bands I love…Fobia & Cafe Tacvba), the city, the road, riding bysicle, art, love, being funny, happy, excited…etc!  I chose to have the background purple becasue for now that’s my favorite color…there are times when my favorite color changes = O  Also, some of the pictures in my site have links to the other people in my group, which I thought was pretty cool.


**Abject Self-Portrait Slideshow Project**

“Mi Translado”…it can be translated to “My Coming to the United States”

I started out with images from Chihuahua, Mexico in the background where I was born and raised up to the age of eight.  As the movie plays, these pictures slowly fade away, demonstrating the place/home I left behind, that at the end disappears.  In the foreground, there’s a picture of me in a dissolved format.  It starts out almost fading away and at the end the background is lost and only my picture shows with an image of the Statue of Liberty, demonstrating my present being me now 21 and living in the United States….and I have 21 slides to express this journey in my life so far.   : ]

**Cafe Tacvba**

This video is from the well-known and one of my favorite Mexican rock bands…Cafe Tacvba…I really liked the way the video was altered and all the colors incorporated into it.  The song is titled Como Te Extranio…enjoy!

= )

**New at this…??**

Hello everyone! Hola a todos!

I’m new in this world of blogging but I’m excited to see where it takes me.  I’ve heard that some people even have gotten jobs blogging and that sounds fun : )

**Narrative/Video Art Project**

Title: Sunset

For this last project, I had no idea of what I was going to do and honestly I didn’t want to use a video from the internet…So, one day I was going home driving down Arapahoe Road towards Broadway and the day was a little chilly and cloudy…but it was beautiful…the sun was descending and along with the mountains, it looked amazing…it was an incredible view!  I loved the colors it had…they were blueish-grey, yellow-orange, and a luminous yellow where the sun was settling over the mountains.  I quickly took my cell phone out and recorded a video of that moment and in class, I gave it an abstract feel/look to it and incorporated the beginning of a song I like by the Mexican rock band, Caifanes now called Jaguares.  I also maintained the size of the video small in purpose, for the fact that it came from a cell phone.

**Poster Project cont..**

I finally decided I liked this poster better…I like the simplicity of it.  I think that the boy being by himself, projects more emotion and melancholy.

**Poster Project**

I created my poster over the issue of poverty among kids around the world.  I thinks it’s very unfortunate and sad that there are so many kids that are dying of starvation because they live in poverty that I think we should give a little of so much that we have.

**Analyze an Ad Assignment**

In my opinion, I think that what makes an ad successful is the type of words and the pictures used. Also, the way that they are arranged is important because they have to grab the viewer’s attention.

This ad utilizes formal elements to convey its meaning by presenting various lipsticks that girls would “want” in a way that they look favorable to a teen-aged girl. The message is even stronger with the presentation of the girl at the bottom, especially with the gestures on her face, looking up to the lipsticks…the girl portrays craving the lipsticks presented.

In this ad, the color used is delicate, except for the MORE! that is in black and which catches the attention of the viewer. The subtle colors used portray the delicateness of a girl, which works very well because this ad is about cosmetics.

The information flows from top to bottom in a very organized way, which allows the viewer to easily understand the ad. Also, having the information presented from top to bottom, is how the viewer is led through the image.

more! by jinxdefenestrated.

**Software? Assignment**

This first assignment was very interesting and fun, although I was having some trouble at first because I had never tried to do artwork using a random program that is usually not used to make artwork…but here it is…this is what I came up with…  To make this, I used powerpoint and inserted a graph with an arrow and dots that I tilted.  The words below the dots are numbers 1-5 in Spanish, but somewhat abstract.  I really liked the splattered-background and I just added some red shadow to it.  I hope you enjoy…

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